NCrunch in practise

Update 18/10/2012: as of version 1.42, released on the 15th Oct 2012, NCrunch requires a licence to use. Although expanding in terms of functionality offered and with no doubt over the developers commitment to the project, you may find it difficult to justify 159 USD for the benefit of automated test execution.

In February 2012 I was given the opportunity to step onto a project that was nearing its first release. Given it was the first bit of greenfield development I’ve done for a while (read: yonks) I was very keen, it also gave me a chance to try out NCrunch properly.

NCrunch is a Visual Studio add-in that sits in the background running your unit tests, providing visual feedback in a ye-olde dockable panel.

After checking out the project’s code base, I was fairly sceptical to begin with. Having had a great deal of experience of Murphy’s Law, I was expecting NCrunch to implode catastrophically, that I’d see red, un-install it and ultimately never touch it again, ever.

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